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"I just trained all of my ski & snowboard instructors. My snowboard instructors really like it. We leave them outside for our instructors to use.
-Bill Baker
 Ragged MT Ski School, New Hampshire

Last December, I took my four year old daughter out for her very first day of skiing. Thanks to the Ski-Pal, her first day on the slopes was a 100% success; she absolutely loved it, as did I. The Ski-pal saved my back and allowed us to ski top to bottom, this is definitely the way to teach your kid how to ski. My thanks to the inventor who came out to Breckenridge CO and offered to let us demo the ski-pal, at the end of the day I purchased one.
A very satisfied customer,
Charles Chalker

"We LOVE the Ski-Pal. We used it in our training and my instructors like using it. It gives the student the security and also lets us guide and keep them under control, We also use it skiing backwards in front of the student"
-Mary Ellen Racich, Director
Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program

I personally found the ski-pal most useful when working with children ages 4 - 7, placed in front of ski boot tops, allowing them to find their centerof balance on skis at a controlled, non-scary, pace. This allowed for great confidence building at a very controlled speed. It was a great towing tool for short distances also and because the kids found it fun, they waited for their turn quite readily and did not tire as quickly as they do when they have to side step or herringbone up the learning slope.

The ski pal also allowed us to take a group on the chairlift even though one student might not be quite able to stop/turn.  This enabled us to give that child more opportunity to develop some balance and control skills while giving the other students the mileage they needed to improve.

Other instructors found the ski-pal was useful in private lessons with the very young, or our Adaptive lessons with blind or autistic students, and students that suffered from low muscle-tone type problems. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a little feedback and say thanks once again!
-Jill Wilkinson
Kids Mountain Camp Manager
Whitetail Mountain Resort


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