SKI-PAL Hoop Ski & Snowboard Trainer
SKI-PAL HoopSki & Snowboard Trainer

Ski-Pal USA is looking to sell its full US patent and remaining inventory. If you are interested in making us an offer, please e-mail us at with your name or company name and all pertinant contact information. In the meantime, we are still accepting online orders and selling  the Ski-Pal to stores, ski schools and individuals for the 2018-19 ski season. Keep the orders coming!

The Ski-Pal is only tool that truly facilitates the agonizing, back-breaking task of teaching someone to ski or ride

“I’m not usually one for gadgets when it comes to skiing. I’m more often the person rolling their eyes as some kid is being led down the hill on a leash like a mindless puppy. Alright, so I am going to gulp down my pride and give the Ski-Pal an enthusiastic two thumbs up.”

-Rachel Hodson

Alta Ski Resort, Utah


Despite inventing the Ski-Pal,  the idea of using a hoop-shaped device to teach kids to ski isn't ours. This is a tried-and-true method and still used today by ski school instructors who use plastic hula hoops as a ski aide.

So why buy a Ski-Pal instead of a hula-hoop? That's easy, for it was the hula-hoop's shortfalls on the slopes that led us to inventing & patenting the Ski-Pal. The Ski-Pal is made of rigid aluminum, ergononically comfy, adjustable and comes apart for easy storage - Everything a hula-hoop can't do!

The Ski-Pal can be found in more than 50(and counting) ski schools across the US, Canada and New Zealand. We have teamed up with one of the largest divisions of the Professional Ski Instructors of America Association(PSIA-Eastern). You can find the Ski-Pal on their website as we sell to many of their instructors.

In addition, the Ski-Pal is also the preferred tool of many instructors at Adaptive Ski Schools helping children or adults with physical, cognitive or visual disabilities. Our hoop also helps disabled US war veterans get back on skis or a snowboard at the Hartford Ski Spec in Breckenridge, CO.


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PORTABLE. The Ski-Pal easily breaks down to fit into the included nylon travel bag. Bring it along on your next family ski vacation!

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